Mobile Games to look out for at E3 2014

It’s time again for E3, the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles where the newest and best video games are announced. 

Flickr Credit: Ricky Brigante (

Flickr Credit: Ricky Brigante (

The expo is a very exciting time for gamers but this year is especially exciting for mobile gamers as E3 organisers ESA (Entertainment Software Association) have said they are increasing the size of the mobile and social games pavilion and moving it into the main halls.

The firm’s senior vice president Rich Taylor said: “We’re bringing back the mobile social games pavilion because that’s such a strong sector in our industry that didn’t exist in the not too distant past.” 

There will be some quality games shown at E3 this year, so here are some of the titles you should be looking out for.

1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout from Gameloft 

A first-person shooter for the touchscreen gamer and one of the most highly anticipated games of this year. Modern Combat 5 will have a huge variety of levels and is a massive graphical step up from the previous game. There will be a single player campaign and Spec Ops replayable missions as well as a multiplayer feature. The game will be available for iOS, Android and Windows and will have no in-game purchasing.

2. Tales from the Borderlands from Telltale Games and Gearbox Software

Telltale Games are known for their increasingly popular episodic gaming series’ The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Now they have come together with Gearbox Software to create a beautifully cel-shaded, story driven game set in the Borderlands universe where player choices will affect how the game progresses. It is unclear which mobile devices will be compatible but the other two games are only available on iOS so that could be the same here.

3. Hitman: Sniper from Square Enix

Following on from the release of their turn-based digital board game Hitman GO, Square Enix has announced Hitman: Sniper for smartphones and tablets (not specified just yet). This is a competitive sniping game and much like previous Hitman titles, there will be multiple ways to assassinate your target. Missions will be replayable so players can use their creative skills to get the highest score. The game will be free-to-play but in-app purchases will be available for players to enhance their experience if they wish.

4. The Witcher Adventure Game from CD Projekt Red

Along with The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt, CD Projekt Red is also developing a digital board game for Android and iOS. Players will assume the roles of four beloved characters from the books and PC games on a monster hunt across the world of The Witcher. The game will not be free-to-play but you can currently sign up for a chance to participate in the PC and Mac closed beta over at GOG Galaxy.

5. Spacecom from 11 Bit Studios

A minimalist game focusing on real-time strategy that was Greenlit by the Steam community and will be available on iOS. The game features single and multiplayer gameplay with up to six players per campaign. It will require players to command a starfleet and use real-time tactics to outmanoeuvre and outsmart their opponents.

6. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite from Capcom

Originally a PSP game known as Monster Hunter Portable 2nd G in Japan, this fantasy RPG was recently released on the Japanese app store and fans were very excited to learn that Capcom has also decided to release it worldwide. The iOS version will contain everything from the PSP original but with improved graphics, controller support and online multiplayer.

7. Reel Fishing Pocket 2: Ocean from Natsume

This is the update to Natsume’s award-winning casual fishing game that sees players attempting to catch ocean-based fish. There will be 20 different rods available and over 70 types of tackle.The game will be available on iOS and is one of four new games Natsume will be showing off at E3.

Get hyped mobile gamers! Big things are coming.



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